Privacy Information

Privacy Protection
We fully recognize the importance of maintaining your privacy. We value your privacy and appreciate your trust.

Information Collected:

The only information that We collect from you is in the form of normal website stats. These stats tell us what browser a vistor is using for instance, and that helps us design and code the website for features available in the browsers of the majority of the visitors. These same stats may identify what ISP you use, or what search engine may have guided you to the website. NO personal information such as your name or street address is available, and would be of no use to us anyway. We use the web stats to help us develop this website, but the data is of no use at all to anyone other than ourselves. We maintain web stats so we might determine trends, but we do not share these stats with anyone except to quote raw total numbers of visitors or raw total numbers of visitors that use a particular browser, etc. NO personal information is ever shared with other parties.